iWant iOnTV

Version 0.75 of iOnTV is available for download here, once you’ve downloaded the package double click it to begin the installation process.

Discussion forums for iOnTV if you have questions (or better, answers for others) are here.

A brief description on how to setup iOnTV the first time is here.

This first version of iOnTV is still somewhat limited (hence the 0.75 version number), setting up a ‘season pass’ is not yet functional. You must also make sure to login and launch the iOnTV application if you reboot your Mac OS and have future recordings scheduled. You don’t need to leave the application running, but you must launch it once in order to start the background tasks that perform recording and converting the recordings for use with an iPod. A future update in the next month or two will fully implement season passes, conflict management and remove the requirement to run the application after each reboot.

iOnTV uses Sparkle to check for updates – so in the future you can use the ‘Check For Updates…’ option in the iOnTV menu or let iOnTV do it’s automatic new version checking.

The git repository for the sources is here. The source is licensed under a mixture of licenses due to the component pieces involved, the background recording and transcoding application is licensed under the GPL in keeping with Handbrake (which the transcoding process uses). The hdhomerun library from SiliconDust is LGPL licensed (as are some components shared between background and User Interface application). The User Interface application is BSD licensed.