Installation & Setup

To install iOnTV double click the package icon and follow the instructions in the Installer application.Once installed you can launch iOnTV by double-clicking on the icon in the Applications folder.iOnTV needs to be setup the first time you run it follow the instructions below to configure iOnTV for you.Choose Preferences… from the iOnTV menuEnter your SchedulesDirect username and password in to the boxes on the SchedulesDirect Preference tab. If you don’t have a SchedulesDirect account then click on the ‘Get Account’ button to launch Safari with SchedulesDirects signup page. Once you’ve got your account return to the Preferences window to enter the details.

SchedulesDirect Preferences

Once you’ve entered your account details click on the ‘Retrieve Lineups’ button to get a list of all the channels you’ve configured with your SchedulesDirect account (you’ll need this list later when you configure your HDHomeRun).Next click on Tuner in the toolbar.Click the ‘Find Tuners’ button to scan your local network for HDHomeRun Tuners. If you have multiple tuners they will all be listed with their ID’s. You can specify a name for each tuner to help you identify them later.

Tuner Preferences

Once you’ve discovered your tuners use the popup menus beside each tuner to select which lineup each tuner is connected to. You can use the same lineup on both tuners, or if you have one tuner connected to cable and the other to an antennae for broadcast TV you should use different lineups with SchedulesDirect and specify them here.Next click on Channels in the toolbar.Select each tuner in turn from the popup menu, and then click on the ‘Scan’ button. Scanning can take some time (approximately 15-20 minutes) if you want to watch the progress (or cancel the scan) open the Activity window from the Window menu.

Channel Preferences

When the scan process is finished a list of all the unencrypted channels (iOnTV does not support encrypted cable channels) will be displayed. If the channel is transmitted with a station identifier it will be displayed. The popup menu for each station will include the matching station from the lineup if iOnTV was able to automatically match the station identifier with a station in your lineup. If the popup menu is blank then you’ll need to manually choose the right station from the list – you can use the ‘watch’ button beside each station to launch VLC to watch a live stream from the Tuner for that station to help you identify the station.Once you’ve completed assigning stations to entries in your lineup you might want to export the list so that you can import it into another tuner (or in case you need to restore it later). If you want to customize where recorded programs are stored and how they’re converted and added to iTunes click on the Storage and Conversion icon in the toolbar.

Storage and Conversion Preferences

By default iOnTV will place recordings in the movies folder in your home folder and will also place the converted movies in the same location. You can click on the ‘Set…’ button to change these locations.You can also choose a particular conversion preset to be used when converting movies for your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV (or disable the conversion completely). You can also choose to convert programs but not add them to iTunes, and to not delete them after they’ve been added to iTunes. Now your all set – click OK to close the Preferences window and then click the ‘Get Schedule’ button on the main window to start download a schedule of what’s on. Once you’ve got a list of programs you can pick and choose what you want to record.